The nurse fainted shortly after the corona vaccine, but the Covid-19 vaccine is completely safe.

Corona vaccination programs have started in many countries of the world. Corona vaccination has also started in the US. Recently, a hospital nurse manager in the US fainted during a press conference not long after being injected with Corona. This nurse, named Tiffery Dover, lost her balance just minutes after taking Pfizer Bioentech’s Covid 19 vaccine. This video of him is becoming quite viral in social media.

Tiffany was holding a press conference at the CHI Memorial Hospital in the US city of Tennessee. Shortly after taking the vaccine, he started answering media questions. In this video, Tiffany is saying that we are very excited about this vaccine. He started feeling dizzy after some time.

After a while Tiffany starts appearing uncomfortable in this video and says that I am feeling dizzy. Tiffany loses her balance as soon as she says this. However, doctors say that his unconsciousness is not linked to the corona vaccine. According to doctors, when Tiffany feels too much pain, she faints.

In a conversation with BlueTV TV-9, Tiffany said that she suddenly felt that she was in a state when her condition worsened. However, Tiffany is feeling fine now and her arm pain is also gone.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention many types of vaccines can cause unconsciousness. Fainting is usually caused by pain or discomfort. According to reports, Tiffany fainted 17 minutes after taking the Corona vaccine.

The hospital administration stated that ‘On Thursday, December 17, 2020, the CHI Memorial Administration gave the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer to six individuals – three physicians and three nurses. Shortly after, while conducting a media interview, one of the nurses got dizzy and fell to the floor. However, he did not lose consciousness and recovered quickly. The nurse said that ‘I used to have such dizziness even before taking the vaccine.’

Tiffany Dover said that ‘I have a pre-hyperactive vaginal reaction disease, if I have pain with anything – hangnails, or if I am toe, I may faint.’ Tiffany said that I have fainted like this six times in the last six weeks … it’s common for me. ”

A large physician at the CHI Memorial, Dr. Jessie Tucker, has also been given the COVID-19 vaccine, saying in the same video that ‘no one should doubt this vaccine due to the unconsciousness of the nurse’. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, ‘unconsciousness can be triggered by a variety of medical procedures. In fact, the CDC has received reports of people being unconscious after almost all types of vaccines. ‘

Strange case: Tsunami of sudden turtle in Brazil river, biologists are also shocked .

Tsunamis are considered the most dangerous of natural disasters. There will be many of us who have seen the tsunami rising on the sea shore. But a different type of tsunami has occurred in a Brazilian river these days. Thousands of South American river turtles have been seen in Brazil along the banks of a river. Actually, these turtles were coming out of the river like a wave in a tsunami. These turtles have been collected in a protected area along the River Pearce, a tributary of the Amazon River.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, South American River Turtles come to this region of Brazil for breeding every year. It takes months and days for these turtle babies to come out of the eggs. These children of turtles grow out of the sandy sand and move towards the river. The Wildlife Conservation Society reported that every day thousands of turtles emerge from their eggs and appear in similar herds and this process continues for several days.

Explain that this species of turtle is on the verge of extinction. In such a situation research is always done to improve their management and conservation. Members of the Wildlife Conservation Society look after female adult turtles in the protected area. These species of turtles have been greatly affected by meat and egg trafficking.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Aquatic Turtle Specialist Camila Ferrara, the giant South American River Turtles are born in a similar way. But this moment of his life is very fragile. While embarking on their journey of life, these turtles appear together, but later separate.

This species of turtle also plays an important role in the ecosystem by spreading seeds in the Amazon forests, which helps the forest to flourish. Adult South American river turtles can weigh up to 90 kg and more than three and a half feet in length.

6-year-old child committed theft of goods worth 67,000 dollors.

A 6-year-old child stole goods worth 67,000 dollors. The most strange thing is that his parents had given training for this theft. Following the path given by the parents, the child stole an 18 carat gold watch from a shop, which is worth 67,000 dollors. To deceive the shop staff, this child also placed a fake watch in place of the stolen watch.

Actually, this is the case of Britain. The couple named Illy Para and Marta Para went to a luxury store before the robbery. During that time, he clicked the picture of this watch. Then 5 days later, the couple went to the store with their six-year-old son. Meanwhile, the child stole the precious watch made of gold.

Couple also made special preparations to cheat the staff inside the store. He had sent his son a fake watch, which he placed on the place of the stolen watch. In such a situation, the store staff could not immediately detect the theft. The next day when the staff came to know about the truth of the fake watch, they immediately reported it to the police.

The couple, who hail from Romania, were trying to leave Britain after executing this theft incident. But before his escape, the police arrested him.

Let me tell you that the couple committed the theft incident on September 19, 2020 through a child. For this crime, the court sentenced the child’s father to 18 months in jail, while the mother has been sentenced to 8 months in jail.

One man earn millions by trading poison, He have kept 80000 scorpions and snakes.

You must have read the success stories of many businessmen along with farmers who cultivate crops, fruits and vegetables. But there is also a person in the world who became rich by selling scorpion venom. In fact, a 25-year-old man named Mohammed Hamdi Boshta, resident of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, owns Nam Company. Hamdi sells poison at such an expensive price, that once you hear it, you will also snake.

Let us tell that Hamdi, who pursued this peculiar hobby, was pursuing graduation in archeology, but he was very fond of scorpion hunting in the vast deserts and coasts of Egypt. In such a situation, he dreamed of leaving his studies and completing his passion and today he is one of the richest man in Egypt by trading poison.

Hamdi has kept more than 80,000 thousand scorpions and snakes of different species. Poisons from these snakes and scorpions are extracted and sold to pharmaceutical companies.

A mild electric shock is given with the help of UV light (ultraviolet light) to remove scorpion venom. As soon as an electric shock occurs, the venom of scorpions comes out and is stored. According to a Reuters report, about 20,000 to 50,000 anti venom (anticonvulsant) doses can be made from one gram of scorpion poison.

Mohammad Hamdi Boshta supplies the venom of scorpions to Europe and America. Pharmaceutical companies here use it to make medicines for all diseases such as antivenum dose and hypertension. You will be surprised to know that on selling one gram of scorpion poison, they get 10 thousand US dollars.

144-storey building collapsed only in 10 seconds, name recorded in Guinness Book.

It usually takes months to build any two or three storey building. In such a situation, imagine how many months or years it would have taken to build a 144-storey building, but a 144-storey building in Abu Dhabi, UAE, was demolished and that too in just 10 seconds. You must be surprised to know this, but it is absolutely true.

According to reports, after demolishing the 144-storey high tower of Meena Plaza, it got its name in the Guinness Book of World Records, because no such building had been demolished so far in such a short time before.

According to media reports, the 144-storey tower had a height of 165 meters. He was demolished by blasting with dynamite. 915 kg of explosives were used to make it fall. More than 3000 detonators were installed in it, due to which the building became groundbreaking in the blink of an eye. Pictures and videos of this incident are becoming very viral on social media, seeing which you will not be able to live without being surprised.

The collapse of this building was announced by the Abu Dhabi Media Office and the municipal regulator of Abu Dhabi, the Municipal and Transport Department, immediately after the explosion. However, before the building was demolished, the shops and markets around it were temporarily closed, causing no harm to anyone.

According to reports, this 144-storey building was purchased and demolished by Modan Properties in Abu Dhabi, UAE, last month.

A person booked a helicopter for 2 lakh to reach the restaurant for just eating a Burger.

A rich person from Russia told the world that if there is money, people can go to the restaurant hundreds of kilometers away by helicopter to eat food. Let me tell you that this billionaire spent 2 lakh rupees just to eat burgers. The man had booked a chopper for two hours to go to the nearby McDonald’s Restaurant to eat the burger.

In fact, the 33-year-old man named Viktor Martinov was spending his holidays in Crimea with his girlfriend. According to the report of Metro, he did not like the local food of Crimea, so he decided to eat McDonald’s burger. But the nearest outlet of McDonald’s Restaurant was about 362 kilometers away. Then did the man book a helicopter for two lakh rupees to fulfill his food hobby and went to eat burgers.

According to the news, the burger eaten by Martinov was 49 pounds i.e. about 4900 rupees. But for this, he spent about £ 2,000 i.e. Rs. 2 lakhs on the way. McDonald’s does not have outlets in Crimea. Because fast food operations in Crimea ceased in 2014 and hence there is no single McDonald’s outlet there.

Explain that Victor Martinov is the CEO of a company selling helicopters in Moscow. He himself uploaded a video on social media about the incident and stated that ‘me and my girlfriends were bored with the proper organic food of Crimea’. We wanted to eat normal Mexican food, so we took a chopper and flew to Krasnodar.

Ghost Town: This city was evacuated overnight due to fear, it has been deserted for many years.

There are many such mysteries in the world, about which not everyone knows. One such mystery is the city of Varosha in Cyprus, which once used to be inhabited, but now this city is deserted. The city of Varosha is also known as the largest Ghost Town (ghost town) in the world.

There are high-rise buildings here, but there is no one living here. Everything from hotels, residential buildings to bars and restaurants in the city are now on the verge of turning into ruins.

Barring a small area in Varosha in the province of Famagasta, most of the beaches here have been closed forever. Imprisoned in Fencing, it is far to enter the city, if anyone tries to take a picture from outside, then he is arrested.

According to media reports, 45 years ago the city had a population of around 40,000, but in 1974, the entire city was evacuated overnight due to a fear. The rest of the cities adjoining this city remain illuminated day and night, but it is completely deserted.

In fact, in July 1974, the Turkish army attacked Cyprus in protest against the coup of the Greece nationalists, after which the entire city was evacuated in a single night due to the fear of genocide and the people living here had attacked the nearby cities. I went and took shelter.

Cyprus split into two parts due to the Turkish invasion, namely Greece Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus. The city of Varosha is currently under the occupation of the Turkish army. Only the Turkish patrolling team can come here. Apart from this, no one is allowed to come here.

Amazing Facts about Joe Biden. You should know.

Those who don’t know Joe Biden joseph robinette biden isn’t a new face in US politics in fact
he served as the 47th vice president in
the obama administration.

He has spent nearly 36 years in senate as a member of the democratic party.

But if you are still unaware of joe
biden then we are here to tell you more about him scroll down the article to read some lesser-known facts about him.

Joe biden was born on the 20th of November 1942 in scranton pennsylvania united states initially biden’s father was a wealthy man but then due to some financial setbacks the family faced several financial issues.

He studied at the university of
delaware and later went on to pursue a law degree in 1968 at syracuse university three in the year 1970. He was elected as the new castle country councillor after which he became the sixth youngest senator in the history of america.

Joe biden holds the dignity of being the longtime member of the senate foreign relations committee after which he was eventually elected as its chairman .

After obama won the 2008 presidential election biden was re-elected to the senate and

was one of the fourth most senior
senator to serve as the vice president
in obama’s administration.

He worked on negotiating with the

congressional republicans for passing
various legislations such as the 2010
tax relief act which later resolved the
tax deadlock in the american taxpayer relief act of 2012 that impended the fiscal cliff.

He also worked on passing the united
states russia new start treaty and
supported the military intervention in

He has played a significant role in

formulating the u.s policy towards iraq through the withdrawal of u.s
troops in the year 2011. 9. in january
2017. Biden was awarded the presidential medal of freedom with distinction by former president obama.

With his wonderful government
experience biden is looking forward to representing himself as a steady and powerful key figure in today’s world.

He firmly believes in the concept
and value of bipartisanship
he wants to extend the overtures to

After winning the election biden sworn in as the next president
of the USA in january 2021 thus he became the oldest president 78 after donald trump 74 in the history of america.

Eagles and owls protect the President’s house in this country, know the reason behind it.

You must have seen that in any country, the responsibility of the security of the Prime Minister or PM is with the commandos or the army.

But, the country’s Defense Department has kept birds to protect Russia’s President house, the Kremlin and the major government buildings near it. These birds include owls and eagles. A special team of eagles and owls handles the security.

The Defense Department of the country has prepared a team for tight security of President’s House. This team of hunter birds has been standing in the security of President’s House since 1984. It is being told that there are currently more than 10 hawks and owls in this team. These bowls and owls have been given special training for safety.

According to media reports, this special team of these birds of prey was formed in 1984 itself. The reason behind forming this team is not to sabotage the vicious moves of any enemy, but to save the President and the government buildings from the beats and urine and other dirt of crows and other birds from this damage and filth. For which hawks and owls have been deployed. On seeing the crows, they attack them and drive them away. So birds are also part of the federal guard service.

A 20-year-old female hawk named ‘Alpha’ and her companion ‘Filya’ Owl are among a team of hunter birds guarding the Kremlin and surrounding buildings from the dirt-spreading birds. As soon as any crow is seen hovering around the President’s House or hearing a voice, they pounce on them without delay and drive them away or kill them. Alex Valasov, 28, who is part of the team that manages these hunter birds, says the motive behind keeping these birds is not just to get rid of the crows, but to keep them away from buildings so that they don’t make their nest here Can.

Pavel Malkov, who oversees the government buildings in and around the President’s House (Kremlin), says that in the early Soviet Union, guards were killed or flew away to protect these buildings. At the same time, recorded voices of hunter-gatherers were also used to intimidate them, but all these methods proved unsuccessful.

Denis Sidogin, who trains the owl ‘Fileya’, states that he is suited for night hunting. It hunts by remaining absolutely calm. He alone is enough to compete with crows. He can rotate his neck 180 degrees with his big eyes and can look back at his place. Not only this, these hunter birds are now being given a special type of training. So that if a small drone is seen around , then they can also deal with it. Isn’t it amazing.Tell me in comment section.

Gate of Death: a place whose name is trembling.

If you have read history, then you must have known Hitler. At the same time, Hitler who was a dreaded dictator of Germany and a staunch enemy of the Jews. It is said that during the Second World War, about one million people, mostly Jews, lost their lives in the concentration camps built by Hitler’s Nazi army in Poland.

This Nazi concentration camp is in Poland, which is known as the ‘Auschwitz Camp’. There is a large iron door outside the Austhviz camp, which is called the ‘Gate of Death’. It is said that a large number of Jewish people were flocked in trains like sheep and were taken to torture camps by the same door and after that they were tortured in ways you cannot imagine.

The ‘Austaviz Camp’ was one such place and was built in such a way that it was impossible to escape from there. It is said that Jews, political opponents and homosexuals were forced to work inside the camp. Apart from this, old and sick people were burnt alive by putting them in the gas chamber inside the camp. It is said that millions of such people were killed by putting them in these gas chambers.

There is a wall in the premises of the Austhviz camp which is called the ‘wall of death’ ie ‘wall of death’. It is said that people were often shot while standing amidst snow. The Nazis killed thousands of such people.

In 1947, the Nazi concentration camp was converted into a government museum by a law passed by the Parliament of Poland. It is said that about two tons of hair have been kept inside the museum. Actually, the Nazis used to cut the hair of Jews and others before dying so that clothes could be made from them. Apart from this, lakhs of slippers and shoes of prisoners are also kept in the museum.

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